The puppies filmed by SYTONG HT 60.

Testing of Sytong ht-60 digital night vision system by Czech customers (Part I)
Sytong HT-66 night vision add on design recoil test.
Sytong HT-66 4-14X Digital Night Vision Rear Add On Test Footage
Sytong HT-60 6.5x-13x Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope RAW FOOTAGE
Sytong HT-66 add on scope
Sytong Night Vision Range: HT66 & HT60 - Quickfire Review
High and low temprature test of Sytong HT-60 night vision scope
Waterproof test of Sytong HT-60 night vision scope under water for 30 minutes
Night vision effect of Sytong HT-60# WARNING #there‚Äč are images of hunting.
Sytong HT-66 clip-on night vision scope
Sytong HT-60 digital night vision scope