How to choose a hunting night vision device

  Hunting is usually carried out at night. Hunting at night must be able to find the target. As a special equipment for the night, night vision device is a necessary equipment for the majority of hunting enthusiasts. What kind of night vision device should be used in hunting? Many hunting enthusiasts want to know this question. Here is a detailed introduction:

Night Vision for hunting

  There are two types of night vision devices for hunting

  1. Night vision sight: in theory, this is the scheme, that is, the equipment of the combination of sight and night vision instrument. Through the night vision sight, you can see the prey in the dark and aim at shooting. However, generally speaking, the price of night vision sight is not cheap. The products of the first generation are more than 6000 yuan, and those of the second generation are more than tens of thousands. At the same time, the night vision sight has the problem of matching with the equipment used. Many people  2. Hand held single tube night vision device: This is a more convenient night vision device for hunting. At the same time, because it is hand-held, it can be used with large magnification, so it has a longer observation distance. If the distance is more than 100 meters, it is recommended to use the handheld single tube night vision device.

 can't use it because they don't match each other after they buy it.

  Performance requirements of night vision apparatus for hunting

  1. As a hunting night vision device, the first requirement is that the distance of the night vision device can reach a reasonable distance. If the distance of the prey you hunt is generally within 40 meters, you can clearly observe the target in a relatively dark situation, and you can not use an infrared transmitter, which will not affect the prey, which can improve the success rate of hunting. Because the hunting environment is generally very dark, if the distance is more than 50 meters, the general night vision device can not be used, because the infrared auxiliary light source can only reach 50 meters at a long distance.

  2. The light source of the infrared transmitter should not be too strong. Too strong light source will affect the prey.

  3. Small size, easy to carry.

  4. The night vision device for hunting should first choose the night vision device with good effect in low light level. After all, in daily outdoor hunting, when there is a little moonlight, it will be more.

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